The Tire & Rubber Association of Canada 2014 Rubber Recycling Symposium, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Clemson Tire Conference

Advancing Tire Stewardship in the United States, Hartford, CT

Tyre Industry Summit 2015, Auckland, New Zealand



  • Keynote Speaker

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  1. Jean Whalen

    Hello, I had a chance to see your presentation in Sacramento this year at the CalRecycle 2014 Tire Conference at the Holiday Inn. It seems we could be doing more in this day and age to incorporate more recycled product into use. The main question I have is, how much recycled material is the California DOT using in our roadways. Why is it not mandatory, to use a certain percentage of crumb rubber in the roadways? Also individuals have asked me this question quite often, can tires be recycled into new tires?

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